Top Hammer Rock Drilling Tools

Black Diamond Top Hammer Rock Drilling Tools

Hand Held and Small Hole Drilling Tools


Face Drilling/Development Drilling

Face drilling refers to the process of drilling holes directly into the "face" or exposed surface of a rock or mineral deposit in mining, tunneling, and construction activities.

Face drilling requires skilled operators who are knowledgeable about the geological conditions, drilling techniques, and safety protocols. Ensuring the stability of the face during drilling is crucial to prevent accidents, rockfalls, or collapses.

Black Diamond Drilling Face Drilling Tools

Surface Bench Drilling Tools

Bench drilling is an integral part of modern mining and quarrying operations, enabling efficient extraction of valuable resources from the Earth. It requires skilled operators and careful planning to ensure safety, productivity, and environmental responsibility.

Black Diamond Drilling can manufacture and supply compatible drilling equipment for your surface mining needs.

Black Diamond Drilling Top Hammer Drilling

Fishing Tools

FISHING TOOLSDimensionsThreadPart Number
DD1Length, L
Fishing Sleeve
Black Diamond Drilling Surface Drilling Tools Fishing SleeveR32 Round/Hex rods/coupling sleeves1 59/64"49mm1 55/64"47.2mm11 13/16"300mmR32THU-TOOL-FSLEEVE-R32
R38 Round rods/coupling sleeves2 23/64"60mm--1' 1 57/64"353mmR38THU-TOOL-FSLEEVE-R38
T35 Round rods and coupling sleeves2 3/64"52mm1 31/32"50mm11 3/16"284mmT35THU-TOOL-FSLEEVE-T35
T38 Round rods/coupling sleeves/MF rods2 13/32"61mm2 19/64"58.2mm1' 1 57/64"353mmT38THU-TOOL-FSLEEVE-T38
T45 Round rods/coupling sleeves2 51/64"71mm2 41/64"67mm10 53/64"275mmT45THU-TOOL-FSLEEVE-T45
T51 Round rods/coupling sleeves/MF rods3 15/64"82mm3 5/64"78.2mm1' 5 21/64"440mmT51THU-TOOL-FSLEEVE-T51
ST58 rods3 5/8"92mm3 7/16"87.5mm1' 5 23/32"450mmBT60THU-TOOL-FSLEEVE-ST58
ST68 Rods4 1/64"102mm3 37/64"91mm1' 3 5/32"385mmBT68THU-TOOL-FSLEEVE-ST68
Fishing pike
Black Diamond Drilling Surface Drilling Tools Fishing PikeR32 rods49/64"19.4mm5/32"4mm11 1/32"280mmR32THU-TOOL-FPIKE-R32
T38 rods49/64"19.4mm5/16"8mm9 21/64"237mmT38THU-TOOL-FPIKE-T38
T45 rods1"25mm5/16"8mm10 53/64"275mmT45THU-TOOL-FPIKE-T45
T51 rods1 1/16"27mm19/32"15mm11 7/32"285mmT51THU-TOOL-FPIKE-T51
ST58 rods1 17/32"39mm53/64"21mm12 33/64"318mmBT58THU-TOOL-FPIKE-ST58
ST68 Rods1 13/16"46mm1 7/64"28mm1' 33/64"318mmBT68THU-TOOL-FPIKE-ST68