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Changsha Heijingang Industrial Co, Ltd

Black Diamond Drilling Tools Canada Inc is the Canadian arm of Changsha Heijingang Industrial Co, Ltd. Black Diamond rock drilling tools have been in widespread use across Canada for many years, with the Canadian presence being established in 2015.

Established in 1999, Changsha Heijingang Industrial is a well known privately operated enterprise that specialises in researching and manufacturing rock drilling tools and pneumatic tools.

Changsha Heijingang Industrial is located in Lei Feng, Wangcheng and employs more than 700 people.

The company headquarters occupies over 115,000 square meters, with a production plant occupying 45,000 square metres. Facilities are available for research and development, manufacturing and testing, including approximately 1,000 sets of rock drilling and pneumatic tools.

With a wealth of scientific research and production experience, the company uses high quality raw materials, advanced production technology and strict testing methods to produce high quality products with good performance characteristics.

Changsha Heijingang Industrial product research and manufacturing incorporates:

  • advanced high air pressure down the hole (DTH) impactor
  • various kinds of DTH bits
  • rock and loose rock drills
  • eccentric drilling with drill pipe
  • pipe drilling tools
  • sliding block type with pipe drilling tool
  • screw drill
  • drill ends and connecting sleeves
  • geothermal drilling rigs
  • open-air blasting hole drilling
  • drill pipes, drill joints and other rig accessories
Black Diamond Manufacturing facility

Company Culture

Black Diamond Drilling Canada Company Profile

Black Diamond Drilling Canada incorporates the culture of the Changsha Heijingang Industrial company, with a positive outlook and long term vision. The company vision is to help its customers create value using high quality rock drilling and pneumatic tools that are driven by innovation and the latest technology.

Black Diamond Drilling Canada is seeking to forge lasting customer partnerships based on:

  • win-win outcomes
  • speed of response
  • not making excuses
  • diligent, careful and patient work
  • fix problems quickly
  • proactively improve products

Black Diamond Canada prides itself on being able to spot problems and co-operate to solve them rapidly and accurately.