Black Diamond Drilling Diamond Drilling Bits

Bits Classification

Bits can be divided into impregnated bits, surface-set diamond bits, CL diamond bits, PDC bits and TC bits.

Impregnated Diamond Bits Structure

1ThreadHigh precision CNC lathe processing, special thread gauge inspection
2Bit ShankMade of high quality alloy steel material
3Core Lifter Seat CaseSupports core lifter case when breaking core
4Tungsten CarbideHigh wear ratio polychrystalline diameter, increase bit stability
5WaterwayControl water flow to cool and remove rock dust
6ProfileEnsure the new bit starts working quickly
7CrownUsing Pre-alloyed powder, superb impregnate and control diamond, cuts rock

Impregnated Diamond Bits Matrix

Selection Guideline of Impregnated Diamond Bits Matrix

Impregnated Diamond Bit Coding

Core Bit Configurations
TypeBit SizeSeriesMatrix HeightFace Design
DiamondBCBD310Standard (Pie)
DiamondHC-HC3-HTBD714Sand Bit (Deep Internal Waterways)
DiamondPC-PC3BD816Jet Bit
BD918Wedge Water Ways
BD11Face Discharge

Guideline for Impregnated Diamond Bits Operating Parameters

Standard & Technical Parameters of Diamond Bits

Bit Range Chart - Black Diamond, Ford, Hayden, Longyear.

Bit Range CHart MOHS scale of hardness

A core lifter assembly allows the operator to clamp the core sample so the core can be broken free and retrieved to the mine surface.

Standard Core Lifters Features

BDDrill core lifters are made of high quality alloy steel and are heat treated to increase strength, toughness and wear life.

Diamond Coated Core Lifters Features

Diamond-coated core lifters add a thin composite diamond-coating (CDC) of a hard metal alloy impregnated with synthetic micro-diamonds. The diamond coating process provides superior wear resistance. Based on field results, the diamond coated core lifter returns approximately 300% longer life as compared to a standard core lifter.

slotted core lifter


  • Ideal for use in competent ground conditions
  • Increased grip area with core sample
  • Also known as the "Brown Style" core lifter
fluted core lifter


  • Ideal for use in broken ground
  • Increased flexibility; Ideal for use when encountering irregular core
  • Also known as "Broached" core lifter
spiral core lifter


  • Ideal for use in ultra hard ground conditions